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Visual collaboration tool

If you work on digital projects, you’re probably familiar with Invision. It seems like it’s ubiquitous at this point as the way for designers to share their work with other project stakeholders. I’ve been a user of Invision for years, since their launch as a quick and easy way to upload projects and get feedback to now. With their recent acquisitions and releases, it seems like their trying to build for a future where product design is done completely in the browser, but that’s a topic for another day.

This tool grew out of some frustrations I had when it came to using Invision:

So, I set out to build a replacement. I got pretty far along, here are some of the features:

There are critical features missing, and it’s a little clunky. Maybe someday I get around to wrapping it up 💁.

Viewing the entire project

Viewing individual images


Side project built in Meteor and React. Icons from TheNounProject. Type is set in Work Sans.

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