Liebchen is German for "Sweetheart."

Recruiters: Althought I was recently laid off from Meta, I'm taking some time to consider what I'll do next. I'm not looking for new work...yet. Please check back in December! 🙌

I’m a professional designer and developer. Currently, I'm a product designer at 😎 Meta Reality Labs where I'm working on bringing the excitement of VR to 2D on the 📱 Meta Quest app.

Before that, I made beautiful and useful digital experiences for people at Persista. Before that, I designed and developed products at 🏛 OpenGov to advance civic financial reporting and at 💰 FDN to improve hedge fund due diligence.

I live in SF, I have three cats, and I love making things. I've studied architecture at 🎨 RISD. Any code I've written for myself is on 💻 Github. Also there's 🤝 LinkedIn.


Senior Product Designer at Meta Reality Labs

Jan 2020 — present
I'm building a bridge to the metaverse with the Meta Quest mobile app. Previously, I worked on making VR more social and helped launch Messenger for the Quest VR headset.

Product Designer at Meta/Facebook

Sep 2016 — Jan 2020
Designed and built internal HR reporting and data products used by tens of thousands of Facebook employees worldwide. For example, at one point I worked on a kind of internal LinkedIn, which helped facilitate internal transfers. Later, I helped launch a product to help managers support their people.

Product Designer at Persista

Feb 2016 — Jun 2016
Early-stage startup. Collaborated with the founder and team to design and build products to help you find what you need in your email, chats, and documents.

Lead Designer at OpenGov

Jan 2014 — Nov 2015
Designed and built products that change the way governments understand, explore, and plan their public finances. First major project involved scaling the internal civic finances management to a Saas product. Then, I designed the first version of OpenGov's collaborative budgeting tool.

Lead Designer at Financial Diligence Networks

Nov 2012 — Dec 2013
Designed due dilligence Saas product, a kind of networking and information exchange platform for hedge funds and their investors. Lots of mundane stuff like profiles, searching flows, and content management...but a few interesting projects including chat and a note-taking feature.


Rhode Island School of Design

Masters of Architecture 2009

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Bachelor of Fine Arts 2004


If you’re a designer, why didn’t you bother to design this website?

I’ve gone that route with every portfolio/blog I’ve ever had. Nowadays, I just have better things to do. This site a static HTML page and a stylesheet, deployed thanks to Github Pages. The stylesheet is minimally invasive, making surgical changes to defaults to improve the reading experience.

Does Liebchen really mean “Sweetheart?”

Yup, though I think it literally means “love child.” I don’t speak German, but I try to live up to my name. Maybe it's my a koan.

What is your favorite gif?

Of all time? Probably has to be cat in the shark costume on a Roomba chasing a duck: