Liebchen is German for “Sweetheart.”

I’m a professional designer and developer. Currently, I’m a product designer at Facebook 👍. Before that, I made beautiful and useful digital experiences for people at Persista. And before that, I designed and developed products at OpenGov to advance civic financial reporting and at FDN to improve hedge fund due diligence.

I like to ride my bike, hang out with my cats, make dinner for my wife, and build silly things for the internet. I’ve studied architecture at RISD. I live in Mountain View and work in Menlo Park.

You can find me on 🗒Medium, 📷Instagram, 🐣Twitter, 🏀Dribbble, 💻Github.




Have you got a resume?

Yep, who doesn’t? Since I’m not looking for a new job right now, you’ll have to find me on LinkedIn if you want to see where I worked in 2005.

If you’re a designer, why didn’t you bother to design this website?

I’ve gone that route with every portfolio/blog I’ve ever had. While it’s great to express yourself with the design of your portfolio itself, I find that 80% of the effort goes into the site design, development, and devops, with only 20% going toward content. That’s exhausting. The stack for this site is a straight-forward Jekyll setup, with little design and development work. Deployment is via a simple push to Github Pages.

Does Liebchen really mean “Sweetheart?”

Yup, though I think it literally means “love child.” I don’t speak German, and I was adopted so… I try to live up to my name, but I’m not always successful.

What is your favorite gif?

Of all time? Probably has to be cat in the shark costume on a Roomba chasing a duck: